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NFB EngineeringConsultancy INC.

NFB Engineering and Consultancy offers hydropower, irrigation and drainage, flood control and protection, drinking-potable water supply services with utmost attention to public safety and health.

Our solutions for government and private clients include feasibility (planning), design, control, and consultancy services. Technical, environmental, economical and financial evaluations, optimization and maximization studies are completed in a timely manner and within budget.

These services are provided in a friendly and supportive work environment with qualified managerial and technical staff. NFB key personnel`s national and international expertise over , credibility and sincerity are a valued resource to our clients.

Our Policy

Customer happiness

To understand and fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers, thus ensuring the continuity of customer satisfaction.

Leave Permanent Artifacts

To leave lasting works to future generations with competent personnel, effective use of quality materials and resources in accordance with customer requirements, laws, regulations, national and international standards.

Employee Participation

With the participation of our employees, to take responsibility in accordance with the rules specified in the Quality Management System documents in honesty and trust and to ensure their active participation. To continuously improve our quality in line with the understanding of quality in every field.

Taking into account the legal regulations and other conditions;
To carry out studies with the aim of improving environmental awareness,

To comply with legal requirements,

To reduce the environmental impacts that arise as a result of our activities, to continuously improve our environmental performance and to strive for the spread of environmental awareness,

To use reusable or recyclable materials and to reduce the amount of natural resource consumption,

We undertake to inform our employees, guests, suppliers, customers and solution partners about our Environmental Policy and our efforts to reduce our significant impact on the environment, and ensure their participation.

Our senior management is responsible for executing the projects within the framework of environmental objectives and targets, determining the persons responsible for the projects, and executing our Environmental Policy effectively.


NFB Management Team

We carry out our services in a harmonious working environment, with qualified personnel employed in the technical and administrative fields.

The national and international experience, reliability and sincerity of the key personnel in the public and private sectors are the primary references.